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If you can’t let go of the past,
How can you move on to the future?

If you’re always talking,
When are you going to listen?

If you’re always hearing music,
How will you hear the quiet soul?

If you only recognise beautiful bodies,
How will you spot the beautiful souls?

If you’re always blaming someone else,
When will you be responsible?

If you’re always eating,
When are you going to feed?

If you’re too proud to receive help,
What happens when you’re in trouble?

If you’re not willing to open up,
How can you expect anybody to come in?

If you’re not going to question yourself,
How can you question others?

If you can’t find your own faults,
Why is it that you can find other people’s?

And if you’ve got nothing positive to say,
Then why don’t you just say nothing?