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My world is my mind,
And all whom I meet,
Whether good, evil, brilliant or bad,
Are all aspects of myself,
Some are aspects of my past,
And some are aspects of me now,
Some possess qualities I am striving for,
And some possess characteristics,
I am desperately trying to avoid!
But all are projected from my mind,
So, with the overcoming of my mental negativity,
It will slowly be removed from my world,
The world is my mind,
None are there to teach me,
But all are there to learn from,
My world is a book,
That needs to be read carefully,
None do well to me,
Unless I attract it,
And the same goes for evil,
If I want a good world,
I must have good thoughts,
I must speak good words,
And I must lead a good life,
I was not born to teach others,
Others were born to teach me!
And, if I wish to improve my world,
First, I must improve my mind,
For my world is my mind.