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Talk to strangers

Take a look around you,
Can you recognise?
The person sitting next to you,
By looking in their eyes,
Maybe they are friendly,
Maybe they’re just cold,
But you never really know someone,
‘Til you’re sitting in their soul,
The kind of things they went through,
That made them so damn bitter,
The kind of things that turned a winner,
To a natural quitter,
Take a look around you,
Do you realise?
The man who’s laughing next to you,
Is crying deep inside,
Maybe he’s just scared,
To feel things anymore,
Maybe he needs someone special,
To show him another door,
He laughs because he has to,
If he didn’t he’d cry,
You could be the angel’s voice,
That sings his lullaby,
Take another look,
At a face across the room,
What they’ve been through,
You’ll never know,
But you’ll judge them all too soon,
Maybe she’s not miserable,
Maybe she’s a mother,
Maybe he won’t steal your handbag,
Just ‘cause of his colour,
Take a better look next time,
At everyone you meet,
Understanding someone,
Means standing under-neath,
So, humble yourself,
Talk to strangers,
You’re not kids’ anymore,
And the stranger with which you have least in common,
Will surprise you by solving all your problems,
Try it…*

*Please use wisdom before approaching anyone - especially if you are under 18 years of age, noticably weaker physically or in a non-public space.