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God loves you,

Remember that,

When the madness of Man tries to drown you,

Just remember,

It is God that keeps your head above water,

You all have a unique place in the heart of God,

And each place is especially designed for you alone,

God does not expect perfection from you,

And neither should you expect it from each other,

The only perfection you will ever know,

Is in the Eternal Heart of the Divine which dwells within your soul,

Detach yourself from your pain,

And slowly disown your transitory joys,

Become One with the omnipresent ocean of peace within you,

Direct your attention inwards,

Towards where the flame of the lamp flickers not,

And where the source of all happiness is to be found,

Seek first the love, respect, and attention of God,

And the same will come, in time, from all,

Distance yourself from your trials,

However you have to,

But not from God, 

For He is the only resolver of your woes,

Without God, you may well suffer indefinitely,

The plan is to find God in all you do,

And to aid your fellow souls in finding Him too,

Haul yourself up on your lifeline to Heaven,

And when you are secure,

Throw rope down to all you know,

And haul them up too,

But remember,

This world is a vacuum,

That will readily suck you back in,

Remain weary of the edges,

Fix a home of spiritual strength,

Outside this black hole,

In which this universe dwells,

And leave your heart there,

In God’s care,

So when others learn to love you,

They are  loving the Divine in you.