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My heart, my body,

Mind and soul,

I give to Thee, to take control,

I want, no more, to ride my horse,

God, sit with me, and guide my course,

Steer my carriage, across the planes,

Through soaring joys and plunging pains,

Pull my horses left or right,

But veer them Lord, toward Thy light,

I know life, Lord, inside out,

I know these minds that float about,

There are no trails I have not blazed,

But yet, my Lord, I am amazed,

With all I’ve seen, why am I blind?

With all I know, where is my mind?

With all I’ve heard, what have I learnt?

For all my fire has left me burnt!

So, my Lord, come take my reigns,

If all go down, Lord, I’ll remain,

For I’m a warrior, soul to skin,

There is no war I cannot win,

Sit with me God; guide my carriage,

Soul and Spirit – a perfect marriage!

You have me Lord, through thick and thin,

Sickness, health, sainthood, and sin,

I vow to give you, all of me,  

Through pleasure, peace, and misery,

And God, I give, for Thy control,

My heart, my body,

Mind and soul.