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It is better to die for the Truth,

Than live a lie,

What is the point of a long Earthly sojourn of ignorance?

Surely it is better to have a short term of realisation?

For in reality,

Time is irrelevant,

Quality is the only thing that is spiritually quantifiable,

A life worth living is not always long,

Nor is it necessarily abounding in health, wealth, fame, or good fortune,

A life worth living is a life of self-realisation,

Of practising the immortal messages of the Soul,

Love, service, calmness,

Worship, humility, even-mindedness,

Contentment, and truthfulness,

In every moment,


When it is your time to go,

You will go in peace and truth,

Whether you are 7 or 77!

A life of self-realisation,

Is a life worth living.