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Chi Kri War Cry New Year 2014buttonpdficon


Life should be governed from the outset by your principles, beliefs and passions.

The moment you trade these in for your profits, loved ones or any other thing, you have lost connection with your SELF.

You are not a cog in a wheel, not another unheard voice, and not just a living piece of Earth's minerals who within 100 years will return back to grey dust and black soil...

You are – Beautiful… Meaningful… YOU! 

You are not matter - but you MATTER!

Shock, Scare and Silence
the world with your words and works.

Challenge all to test your resolve, but never lose faith in what makes you different ….and what makes your beliefs MATTER to you...

Make 2014 the year of YOU…

..The year you place that foot down and leave a mark so deep eyebrows raise and jaws drop to the right, and to left of you. 

Stun, surprise and be judged. 

But stand smiling knowing that you can say: 

'THIS.... is me. This is MY year. I love you. Now come with me...I know the way'.

You all have a Legendary Power within you. Whether you are a Mother, a CEO or a graduate cutting their teeth in the working world. .. You have a chance to make the world a nicer place with your ideas. And you shall…

The Chi Kri way is one of bravery in soul expression. We are warriors and winners and not one of us will ever fail or ever be defeated.

Step up to the challenge...This is your time.

Don't let me down, don't let Chi Kri down... But most of all - don't let yourself down.