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They say “you will be judged on how you judge others” – but will you?
You may be rich and judge others on their wealth,
But they may be judging you on your attitude, not your piles of money!
If you judge others on their hearts because all you care about is emotional responses you will miss the many great minds which pass you by,
If you judge people on their bad habits,
You soon forget your own bad programming!
And you fail to recognise that a man makes habits,
But habits do not make a man!
If you judge yourself harshly and mercilessly, that is your problem, why do you think you have a right to judge others the same poor way?
If you cannot show mercy to yourself,
Do you think you can you show it to others?
Judging people on their looks can be misleading...
A beautiful face may hide a cold heart,
Like the sun bursting through a window on a winter’s day gives you the impression of a hot beautiful day; but when you leave to venture into the open air, you see the sun has tricked you; it is freezing cold with icy winds,
Judging people on their hearts can be troublesome,
For a good heart may be sensitive to your emotional needs,
But that same heart will sing its own sorrow soon and will require your compassion and patience to hear its cry,
And judging others on their mind is equally dangerous,
A man with a deep mind may understand the universe,
But never appreciate your beauty, tune in with your heart, or listen to your soul’s voice,
Who are we to judge?
We do not even know not upon what grounds to judge but our own weaknesses and limited strengths,
We have no right to judge,
But if we must…we must judge every part of a person; their mind, body, heart, and soul,
And not just the part we judge ourselves on, or are proud of, or the part we can find a weakness in to bring another person down,
If we must make a judgement, it must be holistic, and intuitive, fair and just, calm and wise, loving and kind….