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One summer’s night a man did sleep,
And from his eye a tear did seep,
It filtered down his bearded cheek,
One summer’s night a man did weep,
And in his sleep, he saw the world,
And felt the pain of boy and girl,
He hurt so bad, he cried to God,
Who came to him, and said,
“Cry not!”
The man protested in his dreams,
“My heart is tearing at the seams,
Pray tell me Lord why I do cry?”
Then God said,
“Son, I’ll tell you why...
You see the anguish of the world,
And feel the pain of boy and girl,
The reason that you feel it so,
Is that your heart is theirs also
“But why, my Lord...”
Spoke forth the man,
“…Do I feel pain in distant lands?
For people I will never know,
Whose race and creed is notmy own”
“Because, my son,
Your heart has felt,
That burning love that boundaries melt,
That sees all people as your own,  
And sees all countries as one home”
“Then tell me Lord, what use is love,
When all it brings is painful stuff?
What use is that which wets my pillow,
And leaves me weeping like a willow?”
Said God,
“…About your pain,
It is not love that causes rain,
It is not love that is not fair,
But that pure love is seldom shared,
You feel hurt dealt out by others,
On children and future mothers,
Others to whom love’s restricted,
Fills your heart with pain inflicted”
“Then, my Lord, I shall refrain,
From delving deep in worldly pain,
Until all men can love as I,
I shall not cry, not I, not I!”
“My son, cry not,
Be strong, and not tender,
But from love, do not surrender,
For my world needs men like you,
Who can, of love, speak straight and true,
And if you ache for others hearts,
And feel the pain the world imparts,
Then come to me in prayer above,
And I’ll impart you ample love,
That you can share with all you meet,
And show the world, and all you greet,
That love is stronger than the grief,
Of worldly pains and worldly thieves,
Now sleep my son, and know ye this,
This world will one day turn to mist,
And shall remain but love and bliss,
Now rest my child and tell all this”
One summer’s night a man did sleep,
And on his lips a smile did creep,
It gave to him a joy so deep,
One summer’s night a man did sleep.