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Chi Kri World Prayer


O Divine Spirit!

Divine Mother and Father of Creation,

Eternal Parent,

Provider of all Universal Love,

Birth Place of all Cosmic Intelligence,

O Infinite Spirit of Joy!

The Majesty manifest in us all,

May Thy Supreme Bliss,

Timeless Wisdom,

And impenetrable Harmony,

Surcharge us all!


O Infinite Spirit of Truthfulness!

Be Thy name God, Allah, or Brahman,

Whatever it may be,

We will ever revere Thee,

Be Thy prophets and incarnations,

Mohammed, Moses, Guru Nanak,

Buddha, Christ or Krishna,

Whomever be Thy sons,

We will respect every one.

In saint and sinner,

Loser and winner,

Beggar and king,


And within,

We will ever bow to Thee.


O Infinite Spirit of Love!

Forsake us not,

We hold Thy Truth above all things,

And we hold ourselves as but one kin,

Equal as Thou planned it be,

Thy humble peaceful family, 

Aum, Hum, Amin, Amen.