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Freedom is a place that you find in yourself,

You may venture this here globe,

And commune with all else,

But it’s only deep within,

Past the barriers of sin,

That you find your shackles break,

Find your freedom there to take,

I have spoken to a nation,

But I’ve ended with frustration,

Inner joy is outer freedom,

That is my equation,

Ultimately thus,

I say that if you must,

Run away from things,

You are running from your sins,

Sin is not just evil,

But really very dense,

Like a fence around your sense,

And I call it ignorance,

Distance from your chains,

Is not about the miles,

But all about the depth within,

That you look for your smiles,

Take it all to Him,

And then you all will see,

The inner travel of the soul,

Is what will set you free.