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The Quiet One

The wisest mouths are the quiet ones,

The wisest words are the ones unspoken,

But more important than quiet mouths and quiet words,

Are quiet minds,

For noisy minds and quiet mouths will not do!

Select what you say,

But with even more prudence,

Select what you think,

Never speak without poise,

Always communicate with calmness,

Words are energy,

The less you waste the better,

Words merely punctuate thought transference,

And are often not needed -

Only serving to over-emphasise and devalue a point,

Communicate more with your soul,

Conversations between souls are more enlightening,

Than between mouths,

Most use their mouth to detoxify their minds,

Get into your soul,

And you will know the soul, thoughts, and words of all,

Then you will not need to talk so much,

Imagine talking with someone in your mind,

Before you do so aloud,

Go through a conversation with them,

You will realise you know them better than you thought!

You will know their responses,

You will know how to approach them,

You will need to say less,

Or even nothing at all!

Do not repeat yourself,

One question and one answer is enough,

He who is concise and neat in his speech,

Is likewise in breath, thought, heart, and soul,

Try not to complain or moan,

Lest it becomes a habit,

Or a regular thought,

And when in doubt,

Be silent,

Work out what is going on in your mind,

Try to see the bigger picture,

Then if you must,


But do so calmly,  

Otherwise remain silent,

Thus, you will learn to understand things,

And take control of your life,

Your mind,

And your actions,

Words are bonds,

Use them carefully,

Lest you commit yourself by them,

Words can be used in self-defence,

And to stand up for justice,

But not as weapons,

And always politely.

But above all this,

Be the quiet one,

Play and have fun with words,

But not if it harms another,

Amusement is for all,

Not just you,

All said and done,

Silence is the friend of Truth,

So, be silent as often as you can,

Be the quiet one.