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The Cream 

"The CREAM will always rise to the top. No matter what perceived "errors" a person makes, these will soon become a drop in the ocean if that person remains positive and carries on improving themselves and pursuing with their good behaviour. Whatever life has given you, to challenge your happiness, is there to highlight your weaknesses. There is something for you to learn from this which only you will know. Once you make that correction, the universe will free you from that lesson and the effects of that difficulty will begin petering out.  But do not be angry at the messenger, but study the message. Sometimes your "enemies" are your greatest allies in the journey to wisdom, as they will unearth your flaws and throw the gauntlet to you to rise above them. Fighting the messenger is to fight away your growth. Use this moment to take stock, improve and change your life for the better. Challenge the darkness with ever-increasing light. Excel in every area of your mind and lifestyle. Leave no stone unturned on the ground, kick them sideways until your path is clear. Your excellent karma saved any total wreckage of your life, you still have everything you need and want, this is a blessing. It could have been much worse. What people think of you and your life will always be subject to their vantage point and their own flaws; all you can do is listen to this message and strive forward unabated by the past."