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The Same Flower

Listen world to what I say,

God is not of mud and clay,

Nor is God of sand and stone,

And surely not of flesh and bone,

God is not an Englishman,

Irish, or South African,

Nor is God from Pakistan,

The U.S. or Afghanistan,

God is not a Buddhist priest,

Or an Aboriginal chief,

Nor is God the greatest speaker,

Or some powerful world leader,

God is not a Hindu man,

God is not made of the land,

God is not a Christian brother,

God is not a race or colour,

God is not confined to borders,

God is not disrupting order,

Man is causing casualty,

By his plain hypocrisy,

God is peaceful, God is kind,

God does not draw countries lines,

Man does this to create power,

But on both sides grows the same flower....