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Your heart is a blazing fire and your blood is molten lava. You are a warrior in the battle of life. You will not accept defeat nor will you take second best. You want the supreme victory of soul happiness over bodily illness and mental suffering. You will conquer the hardships of life without contemplating defeat for a moment. There is no such word in your mind as failure. You have been hardened by life’s trials, rejection, emptiness and pain, but they can touch you no more. Nothing can touch you except the hearts of true souls. You have been angry and upset by the treatment you have received, but at the same time, you have forgiven your perpetrators. You do not waste time being bitter and blaming others. You take out your axe, cut your way through the forest of delusion, and drink your tears as fuel. None can destroy your path; none can block your way. You will survive through all battles and come up smiling. Your mission is to guide other souls by your example. Guide them back to the light and strength you are now receiving. Many times, as you walked alone, you wandered close to the edge. You pondered the edge, but never jumped. You vowed to succeed in life before you took to the skies. Many times, you contemplated running to a new life, but again you turned your back and faced life head on. You are alive here and now for a reason, not just for fun, not just for the sake of it. So, you will not waste your time. You will achieve your goal. You will succeed. And as the sun will always rise; you will always come up shining.