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Sniffing like a dog,

Smelling out the scent,

Chasing dollar bills and pounds,

Like cats without relent,

Hungry like for food,

Starving from some love,

Money mad,

The hand of greed,

Disguised beneath a glove,

Society is thieving,

You have to earn to live,

The more you earn,

The more you have the right to take -

Not give,

Me personally am saddened,

Occasionally am maddened,

Why must I be forced to earn,

And watch my soul just burn,

Everybody’s screaming,

“Money! Money! Money!”

I would rather watch the hive,

Than crack it for its honey,

And when the fortune cometh,

Then what do we do?

“Money makes the world go round,”

I’m leaving if it’s true,

My carriage now awaits me,

Horses now are primed,

I leave behind no wealth at all,

My life is in these lines,

I pray the souls will learn,

And shall do turn by turn,

Discover, under cover of the night,

That money burns!

Money is the drug,

Have some,

But not too much,

Watch out for greed,

It shall indeed,

Infect you like a bug,

When the soul decides to go,

All things you must let go,

But not through death,

Through conscious life,

All things you must forgo,

So here in my conclusion,

Say – wake from this delusion!

Now is the time,

Awake from crime,

This money mad confusion.