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“Let them suffer”,

Some would say,

“It’s not my fault, God made them that way,

I’ve got problems of my own”,

But you’ve also got a car, two dogs and a home,

“But I worked hard….”,

Some would say,

“…To get everything that came my way…

I deserve it”,

It’s true, I agree,

But only because of opportunity,

Some folks have it,

And some folks don’t,

Some folks use it,

And some folks won’t,

But in all of this,

We’ve had a choice,

We can get what we want,

Be heard with our voice,

Some would say,

That it’s just bad luck,

That they’re born in a kitchen,

With only one cup,

Some blame God,

Saying He should sort it,

Love thy neighbour....”,

– But we ignored it,

Some blame God,

And sit on riches,

And when they see the poor,

Their conscience itches!

With awareness,


And practical resources,

We can put cups on the top of their saucers,

We are family,

Sisters and brothers,

We’re all soul children underneath these colours,

If you can’t give resources,

Or love,

Give thanks,

to the lord above,

for all that you have.