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not just a pretty facebuttonpdficon
It is not what a person looks like..
It is not whether they are ugly,
Beautiful, short, fat, tall, or slim...
Or whether they are freckled,
Balding, greying, pimpled, or dry-skinned,

It is their soul that matters.

What is a person’s appearance anyway?
But flesh, blood, muscle, and bone..
What really shines through is a person’s character,
Their charm, their warmth, their inner peace, and their joy.

If you judge people on their appearance,
Then you are probably judgingyourself by the same yardstick,
But others may not be judging you on your appearance,
They may be judging you on your character.

So make sure you are not just a pretty face,
Faces change,
Accidents happen,
Looks can disappear in an instant,
But a good heart is eternal,
And if accompanied by a sound mind,
Then it is untouchable.
A sound mind is more important than a good body,
And a loving smile is more valuable than a painted-on laugh,
Whatever happens to your body,
Whatever face God has given you,
Wear it with detachment,
Make the most of it,
Then concentrate on your character,
And improving your happiness, peace, and intelligence,
And you will find,
That you attract not just pretty faces...

But beautiful souls!