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Make a Stand

     “Child, when you decide to put your foot down, make sure you put your best foot forward. Do not panic; take it all in your stride. March on, and keep moving. Keep climbing the steps to success no matter how steep they become. Continue taking steps in the right direction. And step by step, as you step ahead, you will step right over all your challenges. Providing you step on it and keep pace you will soon be on the stairway to heaven.

     Kick like a mule if you have to my child, but never just kick back and relax. Kick yourself into gear and always be prepared for the battle. Run like the wind for out there it is survival of the fittest - so carry yourself well. Support yourself, do not let your legs turn to jelly. Stand your ground or you will have no ground to stand on. Stand up on your own two feet and do not stand for any nonsense - especially when you are standing up for your loved ones. Stand up and be counted.
     Get up; stand up for your rights. Stand alone if you have to my child, but do not stand down – stand tall, stand unshaken, and never leave the kitchen, learn to take the heat. If you do as I tell you, you will stand head and shoulders above anyone who tries to stand in your way”
Neil Patel