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why does a man fight?buttonpdficon
First, he fights for what he needs – food,
However God has already blessed him with his first meal – his mother!
Second, he fights for survival,
And God has kindly given him muscles to protect his mortal frame,
Third, he fights for what he wants,
Which is to obtain the objects of his desires,
 fourth, he fights for control,
Over the objects of his desires,
Fifth, he fights for greed,
For more objects of desire,
Sixth, he fights for safety,
To protect the objects of his desire,
Seventh, he fights for sanity,
After he eventually loses the objects of his desire,
Eigthh, he fights for security in himself,
Ninth, he fights his inner demons,
Tenth, he fights for his rights,
After he recognises his wrongs,
Eleventh he fights for the love God gave him in the beginning,
Twelfth he fights for justice universally,
After feeling his brother’s pain,
Eventually he wins all his battles,
And returns to God with the answer to the question,
“Why does a man fight?”