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When the scent of an earthly wine,
Cease to allure,
When the thoughts once silk in softness,
Cease now to be pure,
When the friends once thought as family,
Cease now to be near,
'tis God that beckons earnestly,
And hopes that you shall hear,
When all you see are strangers,
And strange is all you see,
When all you hear are moans,
Tied words that must be free,
When all you feel is love,
But they turned that love to fear,
'tis God that whispers quietly,
And hopes that you shall hear,
When silent rain,
Just rains on you,
And others bask in sun,
When clouds of brewing thunder swell,
And lightning's just begun,
When raging winds,
Throw slicing chills,
To cut when you are near,
'tis God that calls relentlessly,
And prays that you shall hear,
When all the world is deep in pain
But only you have tears,
When all the worlds too sacred to think,
But only you have fears,
When finally you see you're not alone,
Your eyes will glisten,
For God will guide you on from here,
Just make sure that you -