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I am not a Christian, but I love Christ,
Neither am I a Muslim, but I admire Mohammed,
I do not claim to be a Buddhist, but I would bow to Buddha,
I am not a Hindu, but I would serve Lord Krishna,
I am not Jewish, but I would certainly pray with Jews,
I am not an atheist, but I would respect their views,
I am not African, but I feel at home with Africans,
Nor am I from Asia, but I am at peace with all Asians,
I do not claim to be European, but I am one with Europeans,
And I am not from America, But I am at ease with Americans,
I love Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, and the Jews,
Because they heard the words of God,
I love their people,
Because they try to heed the words of God,
And I am at home anywhere,
Because I respect people wherever I go,
Even those who do not believe in God,
And do not subscribe to any religion,
Because God respects and loves them the same,
I do not look down upon anyone,
Because I do not have the height, might, power,
Or right,
I do not disrespect anyone,
Because I do not wish to be disrespected either,
You see,
I am a soul,
Colourless and free,
All I recognize is love, mercy, and calmness,
I do not want trouble,
I do not want war,
I do not want to be the best,
And I do not want to be the first,
I just want peace.