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Don't plan changes; make them!

Experiences are fixed; reactions are variable.

You cannot change history, but you can change yourself.

Change to grow and grow to change.

Change should be made like night into day, calmly yet dramatically, surely but steadily.

The best plans are the ones that allow change, and the best changes are the ones unplanned!

Those who say that people never change, invariably spend their whole lives trying to change other people!

There is only one constant in our lives: Things will change.

What is good will always fade and what is bad will always improve.

Change the variables within yourself that you cannot accept in others and accept the variables in others that you cannot change.

Show me the point where a hill becomes a mountain, a puddle becomes a pond, and a boy becomes a man, and I will show you how subtle change is. There are mountain people, river people, and cloud people, those who will never change, those who will sometimes change, and those who are always changing.

When ancient truths stir your soul, when words of wisdom echo within you, and when you feel the one eternal message, you have to change. You are ready to change.