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Before Christ was killed, God offered Jesus twelve legions of angels (about 80,000 angels) to destroy those who were to slay him on the cross (And remember they were murdering him because he was saying things like 'God is within you'. Things we say freely now at Chi Kri Yoga!).

Imagine you were ripped away from your mother today for believing in the soul (God within) and saying God was your Father (as He is for all our souls). You might be excused for being slightly annoyed!

But, upon being offered the power to destroy his persecutors, Christ later turned to God and said, 'Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do....' And he was hung, stabbed and left to bleed slowly to his death. 

And in this moment, the world as we know it changed.

For in this moment, God awoke Himself fully in Jesus Christ and in 3 days, upon this Easter Sunday, He brought the man back to life.... And sent him on a mission to change the world.

The vengeance of God would not come by force, but by wisdom, teaching and love.  

India was home to Jesus for most of his life. A little known fact. A well hidden fact. His final resting spot is in Kashmir. He studied, meditated and lived amongst Hindus, Buddhists and Jains in the East. What he shared in the Middle East and subsequently to the Western World is yet to truly be understood, but it is an exceptionally deep and metaphysical teaching allied to the Vedic scriptures of the Himalayas. 

God blessed Christ and entrusted him with this mission that united Oriental and Occidental beings because Jesus showed trust in God's plan, dedication to love, adherence to the end of spiritual principles, and a total disregard of his own needs and ego.

God saw in Jesus one that could carry the world out of the Dark Ages and Kali Yuga. And so, unto this one He revealed Himself and granted him the powers of the Universe.

My message to my Chi Kri family, friends and members is simple - God will come to you in greater or lesser degrees in accordance to your behaviour in these areas:

How much love you give to others without expecting the same or any love back.

How much forgiveness you show to others recognising how often God and others have to pardon you.

How much trust you have in God's plan for you. And that when bad karma comes, you do not cry but see it as a chance to awaken the sleeping Soul within you.

How much love and faith you have in God's love for you, and how much you build that relationship daily by yoga meditation and prayer.

In these things lie the key to awakening the God within you. Christ's example was extraordinary and unique in this world to date. It was an exceptional moment in history that turned the clock of time and lifted Mankind towards a higher age.

I want you as Chi Kri Friends of mine to believe you have the potential and connection with your Soul or God as Jesus did, and to push on towards the fulfilment of your life's goals with the force of Truth as the wind in your sails.

Here is my track, The Key, which speaks more about this. It is in rap form, so be patient with the words.

And for all those who do not believe in anything I have written, that is ok, just have a wonderful day and know that Chi Kri and Yoga always has its doors open to you. 

You don’t have to believe in God for me to believe in you. 

In peace always,