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When I talk to kids I often ask them, 'What do you want to be when you grow up?'

They say a bunch of random stuff...”Fireman! Footballer! Nurse!”

And I say to them, 'that's good, just make sure when you grow up, you be yourself'

And turning their head's slightly, whilst looking at me like I’m a pile of jigsaw pieces, they say,

'But I AM myself. What do you mean?'

I smile, give them and big hug and say,

'You'll find out!'

And we carry on playing or dancing or whatever.

You see as adults many of us have forgotten that little child inside who dreamt, imagined and fantasised about the future.

Somewhere along the factory line of so called “civilised human beings” we became less concerned with living and more afraid of dying; less able to enjoy having money and more focussed on saving and investing it; and we became less and less able to make changes, and more focused on securing everything - so it always stays the same – and fits the 20 point plan of life
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The boldness of life became the fear of living - the fear of trying and the fear of dying.

Where did we go wrong?

We stopped being ourselves.

If I asked you what's in your heart could you tell me?

If I asked you who you are, would you know?

If I asked you what you dream of, would you not burst into tears that it's so far away now?

But look at the children. They are you – you in the past.

And as you try and learn from this, make sure you don't bog the little ones growth and courage down with too much education.

Yes. I said too much education.

Let them be creative, let them imagine, let them dream, fantasize and play.

They are not stupid.

Eventually they will see what the Global Market is and learn a trade. They will see what love is and find friends or a partner. And if they want to make more children, they will! And if they don’t, they won’t!

But don't teach them about fear before they’ve got anything to be afraid of.

Just because you were hurt, it doesn't mean they will be.

Just because you made mistakes, it doesn't mean they will.

You job is to support their spirit of adventure, not stop it.

Their adventure

And if you don't get what you want for them, think about the notion of wanting and needing for someone else. How is that even logical? How can you want for someone? Surely they can only want for themselves?

You may believe money brings security, but they may find strength in dancing, God or working with animals and need very little else. So what?

I know it's a tough world, but trust the little ones. Sit with them in their car helping then to steer, but don't take the wheel.

Let them drive.

Let them dream.

Let them be.