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A student asked me yesterday about "identity" on the spiritual path:

"YOU have no identity. Your identity is the sum of Universal and personal creativity, choice (Karma, Samskara, Dharma) and ego (Ahamkara, Jiva).

What we really are is ONE FORCE (God) appearing as many individual entities and identities.

Once your consciousness has lifted beyond Delusion (Maya) you will see identity as gross, cumbersome and absolutely undesirable.

However, the blueprint of your last identity before emancipation into God's realm (Satyaloka) will always remain stored within the Eternal Creative Force (Shakti) and the consciousness of God.

If EVER God decided a return to Creation of an individual similar to your previous incarnation was neccessary (to "save the world!"), then from the indivisible God BACK into the divisible Creation would come the identity of a previous incarnation i.e. Jesus can return after being fully liberated into God AS Jesus (in appearance) again.

Masters such a Jesus, Krishna, Moses and others could merge wholly into God, and when a decision to return to Creation was made, could pick up an identity again, and return in their last guise to any of the 14 plains of existence (Swargas) in Creation. Their purpose of returning would be to serve, work and liberate others."