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(this is an excerpt from a member's newsletter)

Don't let the extent of your resources control the magnitude of your DREAM; but let the commitment to your dreams attract the resources you need!

As a baby, what evidence did we have to believe we could walk? None. Our little legs didnt work at all!

But that didn't stop us dreaming about walking like the others.

Do you think a baby with a NEGATIVE attitude : ) would ever manage to walk?

There isn't an OUNCE OF DOUBT in a baby's mind that someday it TOO will walk..

and that's why it does.... never asks itself, "Can I do this???", it just says mentally, "I'm GONNA DO THIS!!" .... and after some cannot stop it!

My sentance above says that, as adults, we become SO negative about what we dream... we miss out on the incredible effect BELIEF has on the Universe, the Cells, and all those around us in ATTRACTING THE GOAL WE WANT.