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Whitney Houston, great singer, amazing voice... lit up a generation of artists and listeners.... bless her soul.

How does yoga view this whole thing?

Well, the easy option is to blame her state of mind. But how does one get to a place where they need so many prescription drugs to function? Why does one start taking cocaine, heroin or crack to the level she did? Why did she fall for a man who was patently no good for her!? How could someone SO gifted fall so dramatically from grace?

The soul is always trying to LEARN and LOVE.

After being recognized as the greatest female voice in decades, where does a soul go from there if its mission is to learn new things and love unconditionally? The ego and the world traps the soul in a set of conditions in this case - Whitney was a "great diva", "legendary singer" etc etc. Even if she wanted to be something else, she couldn't unless her soul was very powerful it would not be able to leverage and manuevre that now legendary position into a NEW place of learning.

So instead, her soul "orders" a Self-Destruction and sabotages itself. Why? So that it may leave the role and take on a new challenge. At the same time the ego is happy to remain in the role and the world is happy to keep her in that zone (Often because money is being made out of her). So there is a stuggle....

I suggest that Whitney's soul was seeking new growth, but her ego and the world wanted her to remain this fabulously adored icon. Her soul may have wanted to give it all up and seek God, or to dissapear into obscurity to find herself again, but the battle became too much. Intoxicants seemed like the only way out. But they only gave a false sense of happiness. Once they became the happiness there was a NEW set of struggles....this goes on, and on..... until eventually, the once famed rose of the music industry, slipped into a bath full of water, mind numbed with drugs, and died. Her soul set free. She will soon start again elsewhere.

But where? Will she know better next time? No. She will come back the same. And she will reach the same heights again. But AGAIN, God will be there... as He was in this life (see her Gospel background), and again, at some point, she will have the oppurtunity to make a wise strategic change to take her fame in a more positive way...(find a good relationship perhaps, use her power to influence for good, and setttle down spiritually e.g more stable "stars" like Angelina Jolie, and even Madonna - who both avoided the issues Winehouse, Jackson and Houston faced).... and next time we hope Whitney chooses more wisely.

Yoga asks that when we are reaping the rewards of good karma, that we remain humble and still. We can help others (and Whitney clearly loved Bobby and her child and done all she could for them), but we must remain steady. We must remain connected to our souls and listen carefully to the voice of our wisdom and elders, books, teachers and masters that come our way. Ultimately we must remember that anything that provides happiness via external means MUST be disciplined and controlled. That is not to say be BORING, but do be controlled.

A great modern balanced yogi is someone who can enjoy the world but will not be consumed by it. That is what I expect of you all at Chi Kri. Enjoy, have a LOT of fun. If you must drink, then do so, but control it all. Food, people, adrenaline rushes - all these things are addictions. So do we run from the world?? YES. You run! You move like the wind! Every morning you RUN to the Truth. You get within yourself and sit in your soul (with God, if you will, or in prayer) and you STRENGTHEN YOUR RESOLVE to win this battle of life. And it IS a battle. If you think it's a peaceful play you sit and observe, you haven't lived yet! Your time will come to fight you mark my words. You meditate, you do yoga, and you stay happy, but vigilant...

I can write for hour about all this, but I do not have time.... if you have specific quick questions, please do email me and I will reply in due course.

Suffice to say, Whitney won many battles.... but in the end the test of FAME and FORTUNE got her.... this time. But she'll be back, and I am sure we all pray she overcomes it next time. I personally hope she ends up at a decent yoga school!

This Thursday we will celebrate the GOOD that Whitney brought us - and the voice of her soul and the wisdom in her lyrics. If you want a song played from hers, please suggest. Not all suggestions will be played. But I will consider them all...   

Look out for another email shortly from me,

In peace and love for the soul of another great artist gone but never forgotten,