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Dear student

In this lifetime you only get one family, and as DIFFICULT as the may seem to live with - these are the people that have lived, and would die for you at any given moment.

Sometimes we chose not to appreciate it openly, but through our lives these family members have sacrificed, loved and cared for us all without holding ANYTHING back. 

We may not always SEE the sacrifice and love, but without a doubt it has always been there.

Some put it into words, some into actions and others into thoughts and prayers, but it is there.

Tell ALL your family members how fortunate you have been to have had each other this lifetime. 

Make no mistake: One day it will all be over, and one of them will be gone. 

Don't live your life that you may feel any regret, that you have not expressed your love in one of these ways to all of your family members. 

I want you all to tell them this Christmas that you humbly and honestly accept that without their love and support, you would not be here today. 

You owe it completely to your family and you should not wish to swap any of them for anyone or anything else on Earth, Ever. 

God knows how much they love you even if you do not. 

This Christmas offer your love and appreciation to all of them individually, and make a solemn vow to respect, support and love them until the day you die.

Even though some of you may be far apart from each other, I believe you can really continue to show love and patience to each other in the next years. 

No one is perfect, least of all you, but family is not about perfection, it is about duty, forgiveness and love. 

Open your hearts even wider in 2012 and may you enjoy, celebrate and honour your family even more by politeness, patience and positive energy. 

God bless you all and have a good Christmas wherever you are, and however you celebrate.