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Remember the competition I set about a week ago.... about Gandhiji?
Basically I asked on Facebook, here and Twitter....
IF GANDHI WERE RE-BORN IN LONDON 30 YEARS AGO, WHAT WOULD HE BE DOING NOW? i.e. what would be concerning him? job? lifestyle? etc...
Thanks to everyone who entered, I hope it made you think a little... : )
So I wasn't looking for a history lesson, or a GENERAL answer...
I wanted something quite RELEVANT AND SPECIFIC - and to the point.
We all know what a great man he was.... but I wanted you to be creative and really think..... London, age 30, this would he be??
Anyway, here are some of the lines that stood out from the answers ... see what you think! 
One of these people was chosen to WIN!
And there's nothing wrong with being a winner is there!
"If Gandhi’s soul was reborn 30 years ago in London, he would go back to India and make it great again!" (I really feel the power of this answer, well done Kamal - as direct as ever! )
"He would be a rapping yogi" (This made me laugh! Although I think this was aimed entirely at my EGO!)
"Gandhi's soul will be pro-active in making sure that world leaders are all working as a team to bring 'PEACE AND HARMONY TO ALL HUMANKIND ON EARTH" (I can see how this would be an ultimate aim of his soul, it's a strong and sure answer...)
"Gandhi would be teaching Chi Kri Yoga, having mastered it under training by Neil Patel!!"  (Very flattering, but I'd probably be training under him!)
"He would be hip and savvy enough to utilize new media to help raise world a positive and practical manner" (I LOVE this. Imagine what tweets Gandhi would post? Actually, maybe he HAS been born again... and IS tweeting??!)
"Be hipping hopping yoga of course!"  (Gandhi at Hip Hop Yoga? I think he'd totally get it, don't you [[firstname]]? ; )
"I think he'd be concerned about how we're hitting our own self destruct buttons"  (Interesting, more concerned with our own inner battle now Rakhee? I like this.... a different take)
"I would expect him also to lead a campaign to alleviate the suffering of animals, to ban factory farms and to promote organic farming with inititives like slaughter-free milk" (He did love animals, and I can imagine him being unhappy with animal treatment in the UK)
The prize for this comp is 50% off the Chi Kri term fees OR a FREE exclusive Chi Kri designed Tee Shirt.....
.... and the winner is...
....Star Burton-West!
"He would be involved in politics again, although his profession would be journalism; he would again be a leader in movements for positive social change. He would be hip and savvy enough to utilize new media to help raise world consciousness in a positive and practical manner. He would advocate for intercultural understanding, peace, social justice, and include new issues such as women's rights, human trafficking, and GMOs"
So well done Star! Please reply with what gift you would like....
More Competitions to come soon,
....and before I leave you tonight [[firstname]], I'll be releasing a NEW E-BOOK exclusively to this group in the next few weeks. 
It's something I'm really excited about! 
I've been writing it all year and finally it's done (bar a bit of editing... ) and before it goes public, I want my Chi Kri Member's group to get it first! 
Bye for now! (I'll see some of you at Chi Kri Hip Hop Yoga in a few hours!) Bring water!