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All disease. For all illnesses, love is the cure. 

But the thing is, you think love is about finding a relationship or 'The ONE'.

The love I speak of is loving everyone and being angry or hateful to none. I mean the love of forgiveness, kindness, compassion, patience, nurturing etc...

The love that heals all things gives without expecting back. 

It is pure and unconditional. 

If you can find this ability in yourself and practise it in your recollections of your past, the people who are in your present and those thoughts you have of the future. will be healed of all afflictions. 

This also applies to loving yourself. 

It is not easy. And I am not saying I can always do it. 

But nonetheless, this is the Truth. 

In Chi Kri, we have a list of the 10 qualities of LOVE you should practise. If you want to see it. ..

Email or inbox me. 

If you already know, then please carry on.

Have a Serviceful Sunday.

Love and peace,

Chi Kri