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Merciful Monday

Today we find space in our hearts to forgive and be merciful towards people that we meet or people that we remember from our past. We pay special attention to understanding people's situations, and to the motivations, intentions and drivers behind their words and actions. Often people do not mean to cause us harm, and often the pain we feel is a reflection of our own perception of the situation rather than any innate conscious decision to cause us suffering. Today can be a day where we silently reflect in our minds about people whom we are still angry with from the past; and even if we cannot forgive them ourselves, we can pray that God looks after them and teaches them with Love.

Tolerant Tuesday

Tolerance shows patience, respect, love, understanding and maturity in situations where your character, beliefs and ideals are being tested and often stood up against. Today take time to be tolerant with others by not reacting and responding with negative emotions instantly, but instead taking time to calm down, consider the other person's situation, age, or position in life, and take that all into account before you think of responding. Patience is the highest of virtues - both patience with yourself in your development, and patience with others in theirs despite opposition from them.

Worry-free Wednesday

Today make a special effort to put your worries to the side. Worrying is a sign of fearing impending doom even though there is no evidence to suggest that it is inevitable. Worrying shows a lack of confidence in your ability to handle difficulty, and it shows a lack of faith in your resourcefulness to create solutions when your peace and security are challenged.

Worry causes excess stress in the whole system which inhibits everything from the immunity of the physical body to the flow of consciousness in the mind and the expression of heartfelt positive emotion. Make a point today to surrender your worries and trust in your ability to handle all situations cheerfully and positively.

Thankful Thursday

There is an old saying which is that 'you don't realise what you have, until it's gone'. In Chi Kri, we have an expression which is that 'The true test of a man's character is not what he is able to gain, but how he deals with what he loses'. In life we will always lose things. It is inevitable. But we lose MORE by being ungrateful for the things that we have... for gratitude is nourishing the things that you have and growing them into still greater things, and loving them, ensuring that that they remain by your side for as long as possible.

Today make an effort to appreciate the small things that people do for you, the simple things that you might take for granted, and the basic pleasures of life like being able to walk, to see, to smile, and to enjoy the company of others. We should also take time today to be grateful to God, the Spirit or Creator and Mother Nature... the provider of our universe. Have a look at Neil Patel's 'Simple Things Prayer' below:

Click here to read Neil Patel's prayer 'Simple Things Prayer'... perfect for Thankful Thursdays!
Fearless Friday

Today is the day of The Warrior... NOT the worrier. Today be brave in the battle of your beliefs, have the strength to stand by your well-thought out decisions... especially if you have come to these conclusions in meditation or quiet contemplation whilst taking others into consideration. Today act with spirit; and as long as your aims are wholesome, act fearlessly and without the consideration of consequences to your perceived
levels of pain and suffering.

Today can be a day where you take valiant steps forward... a day where you confront your perceived advisories...and a day when you challenge yourself to be better, to be more open, vulnerable and beautiful...and a day where, through all this, you conclude the day feeling a sense of achievement, a higher state of self-esteem and an addition to your store of confidence.

here to read Neil Patel's poem 'Strength'... so apt for Fearless Fridays!

Soulful Saturday

To be soulful means to be acting from your soul rather than your mind or even your emotions. Being soulful means being calm, being happy, being thoughtful, but also having fun. Soulfulness is being free-spirited, creative and playful without causing harm to others. A 'Soulful Saturday' means you are acting with love for life... not just working for money, for ambition or for any other material or socially-gratifying purpose - but for the sheer joy of living. Being soulful means not thinking too much, but FEELING more. It means being instinctive, intuitive and inspired. It means being motivated by higher ideals, goals and drivers.

Being soulful means being tuned into other people's needs and what makes them happy as being part of your own happiness and day too. Enjoy this day... and help others to enjoy it too.

Serviceful Sunday

Today is the day of giving. Being serviceful means thinking outside of your ego's suffocating circumference and breathing in the fresh air of selflessness. It is a known truth in spiritual circles that deep happiness is impossible without the inclusion of others in that happiness. This means that to make yourself completely happy, you must be trying to make others happy too. This does not mean to serve their egos, desires or their wants necessarily... it means to lead them to find peace, happiness and love within themselves.

Doing something for others today, thinking of others first today, or simply being kinder to others today is part of a Serviceful Sunday. Another part of this day is humbling yourself in prayer, meditation and reverence to the Spirit, God, and/or Nature that serves us all. So making time for God or your soul's development today is a good practice.

Finally, Serviceful Sundays also means being a part of spiritual services. A service is a reading, a talk, an audio recording or a book where a spiritual leader or teacher is giving, or has given, a spiritual account to be learnt from. So taking time today to attend, observe or otherwise take in a spiritual service is also a way of approaching Serviceful Sundays (you may also lead a service or teach others as part of your service on a Sunday).