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Just something I wanted to share - that might help you....

Just as I sat down to meditate in earnest this morning, a pneumatic drill from a workman outside my window started banging away at the tarmac. It was no more than six feet away from my window – closed or not, this sound was so horrific I could not only hear this ugly racket  but I could also feel it vibrating the concrete floor as I sat down to pray.

What to do?
I only have fifteen minutes to meditate before I had to start my busy day. My mind wants to get angry, curse my luck, and even stop meditating for a legitimate reason! But my soul wants to find a solution…

So here’s what my soul told me to do:

It said, “Imagine the drill is digging deep into the crust of your ego and mining for the pure effervescent light of your soul. And every time you hear and feel that drill imagine it cutting through thousands of years of hardship, pain and protection over hundreds of lifetimes and breaching the inner sanctuary of your soul’s deepest joy! Embrace the drill. Look forward to the pounding and the noise! Summon the drill to burrow deep - and beg for more my child! Visualize the light bursting from within as the spiritual drill threatens the foundations of your ego and reveals orange bursts of spiritual bliss!”

And as the drills started again I began to feel ecstatic explosions of contentment and peace fountaining up inside my diaphragm and chest until I was close to Samadhi (spiritual ecstasy)! The drill was now not the problem – it was the silence! I wanted the drill…… and every time it paused, I waited for it to come back. And as it did, over and over again, and I lapped up its noises like a thirsty dog on a hot day with a bowl of water and fell deeper and deeper into beautiful states of meditation until I was wrapped in peace, inside and out…

The drill had become one of the best tools for meditation I had ever found.

My soul said, “Look, my child, look at what you have achieved! There is nothing of any value on this Earth; everything has the value we place upon it, nothing more and nothing less. There is nothing of any experiential quality here either, but only the experience we choose to have. Now finish your meditation slowly and peacefully and carry on your day.”

So I did, I finished meditating and quickly wrote this up to share with you all…