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Today is my mum's birthday and it got me to thinking.... and so I meditated about the Mother... and what mothers mean to me..

I wanted to write something in her card - she's quite a spiritual lady..... and the one who introduced me to yoga (being a teacher herself of course since I was a 4 yr old).

This is what I wrote...
perhaps you'd like to read it?

The Love of a Mother

The love of a mother is beyond comprehension, and only ever felt in a mother herself.

It is a selflessness that knows no relent, a forgiveness that needs no repent.

The mother's love is food for the human heart; a packed-lunch for the soul while we day-trip from God, our true Home.

The Divine Mother of the Universe beats her drum in the earthly mother, making her march blindly towards her children, whatever they do; her love just marches on…

There is no way to ever repay this love; other than with respect, good manners, and as much spare time as possible…

Even if you tried to repay her, your accounting would fail!

For you would not even remember when it started, nor what she has done for you…

In truth, the mother needs nothing from you; she gives without expectation.

There is a lesson in that.

She is God's eternal compassion on each and every family.

There is a blessing in that…