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The more unconditional love your ego can block, convert into anger, and store in its repugnant reservoir of rage, the more angrier a person you will become. This anger will predominate either internally or externally depending on personality factors. 

The job of the ego is to convince you that love has “Terms and Conditions” - that in order for you to love people they must fit certain criteria and behave a specific way towards you as noted in the contract you have created with them in your mind (a contract they have not seen, signed, and know nothing of). If they do not adhere to this agreement you have made with the world unbeknown to anyone, the ego tells you that you 'cannot love them' and they cannot really love you! 

If the ego manages to convince your mind of the above, the soul's natural projection of unconditional love is unceremoniously and abruptly blocked by a descending wall of egotistical ignorance.

Love, being an innocent force, desperately tries to pass the wall of ignorance. Both forces are strong. As love thunders and crashes against the wall of ignorance created by disappointment, rejection and other similar emotions, a moment of force is created. It is neither unconditional love nor ignorance, but it is a combination of the two. This living, breathing, pulsating, throbbing and intensely emotional force is called Anger.

Anger is love colliding against ignorance. 

The ego hurriedly collects and stores this anger as its own power - for use in wreaking untold havoc in your life; this power makes you violent, abusive, diseased, depressed and isolated; and eventually all but destroys your chances of liberation into God in exchange for many lifetimes of writhing, seething pain.

Much of this pain is not felt or numbed out by intoxicants, sadistic pleasure and more layers of ignorant thinking, many of these methods for numbing the pain are addictive, poisonous and come with their own additional consequences and karmic responses leading the Human into deeper states of delusion.

None of this is the concern of your ego however, its mission was to take you to the lowest hell in existence and keep you there for eternity. The very existence of the ego is based on your heightened states of ignorance, if you lose all ignorance, anger and other negative states of being – the ego is completely dissolved and replaced by total soul control and continually positive feelings. The ego does not want this.

All anger must be dealt with. 

From present or past. 

If you can isolate someone you are angry at, you must use mercy, compassion, patience and understanding to set yourself free. Anger is a sword you sharpen then proceed to swallow down your own throat until your insides are ripped to shreds. 

If you are an angry person but you do not know why, it is because you have a store of anger within you from a past egotistical process, which you need to start dissolving by wisdom, love, prayer, meditation and humble service to your fellow human beings in need.

It is normal to have moments of frustration, it is even completely normal to be a little angry for up to 24 hours between meditations and sleeps. But it is not acceptable to retain sustained and ego-perpetuated anger within, and to have developed a view of life that feeds this vessel of anger until it spills over into a discernibly angry personality. It is then that you are on a slippery slope to hell.

Remember that most anger is simply frustration. You want to love or be happy with a being or situation but the behaviour of the focal point does not meet what you expect of loving expressions. It is because you do not understand the mind, heart and journey of that person or situation that your love for it is blocked by that lack of understanding. It is this ignorance that we have about each other and the world that allows love to be blocked and anger to be formed.

*Look out for a Chi Kri philosophy publication later this year. 

Bye for now,