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Have faith in what God has made you!

There is no limit to your capacity, no ceiling to your dreams!

Your fears are unfounded and your struggles imaginary!

All things will come good if you believe that God does not hide in a far off cloud - but resides in the beating heart that nestles in your chest!

That you contain the power that you imagine God to have

But you lack faith in yourself. You question too many things. There are too many signposts and you don't know which way to go! Which is the RIGHT way?

I'm here to tell you there IS no right way! Our conscious, thinking, reasoning, and logical mind doesn't own an iota of the intelligence to know which is the RIGHT way! Stop deciding and start riding!

Be still, meditate, and feel for a moment. Then take the way that feels right and MAKE it the right way beyond all doubt! Conclusively! Until the end of time! 

Make a decision and fight like you KNOW it’s the right way. Drag the universe into your hands and wake the sleeping God in your heart and shape, mould and make it into the RIGHT WAY!

But don't try to figure out the signposts. They were put up by stupid people who only knew how to knock a signpost into the ground and say “it’s THIS way!” Idiots! Nobody knows the right way for you but YOU!

Have faith, take a chance, be bold..


In eternal peace,