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Next time you wash your hands look at them afterwards for a moment,

These are your hands.

Your destiny.

What you write, make, carry, type, heal, touch, eat, move, plan, and steer towards can shape your entire future.

You have so much choice, opportunity and control.

Imagine your hands were tied for one year.


One email, one meal, one journey, one touch, one choice, one signature, one finger pointed in the right direction - the direction you've decided to go - and your future is altered according to your wishes.


You are free.

Gone are the days of Karma controlling your future and the excuse that it was 'not in your destiny' or “not my fate to be happy”

Your karma is just a hand of cards.

How you play them is up to you.

Do you play your aces early? Do you take a risk? Do you throw your cards? Do you show everyone your hand? How much do you stake on this game? Life is a game of cards.

Don’t be afraid. Play your karmas like a game of cards.

Why would you not learn the rules and do the best with the cards you’ve been dealt? Why would you not control and change your karma? Why would you not learn how to outwit and benefit from ever your worst karmas?

Your future is in your hands. Mould, make and create.

Your karma is not the end, but your hands are the beginning.

And once you have taken charge of what you can, you give the rest to God and the Universe and that which you have faith in. And you surrender humbly to that force.

You pray for help and guidance, but you do not pray to be carried like a child when you can walk like a man or woman.

Look at your hands now. Look again.

They can direct anything to happen.

Take destiny into your hands.

In peace,