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All women are mothers whether they have children or not. All adults are children. What is an adult after all but an old baby?

All women have the greatest potential for nurture, compassion, understanding and caring - whether they have a child yet or not - they can be motherly.

What is motherliness? It is the ability to take another who is meek, vulnerable, gentle or suffering under your wing, to protect, 'feed', and tend to that one, with the love of God.

And what is gender to being a mother but another concept of human limitation. For the Truth is the soul is beyond gender and exhibits both 'male' and 'female' qualities.

And so to all men I say also, "Happy Mother's Day", for you too show motherliness in your own way to your children, family, friends and others.

And beyond all this lies the Divine Mother of our universe, the compassionate aspect of the Spirit or God; She imbues all hearts with unending love, and when your earthly mother dies, it is the Divine Mother whom you are to seek in prayer.

And she sits at the helm of Creation as Mother Nature. So if all you do today is look at a flower, a rock, or the sky and thank Mother Nature for this great vessel of life we call the Earth, then that is good.

In deepest love for all at Chi Kri, I bow to the spirit of motherliness within you,