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The greatest force of healing is BELIEF. 


It is also the greatest KILLER. 


Whatever you believe is happening is your truth. 


And your TRUTH will direct your path, your experiences and your destination. 


If you believe you are incapable of defeat, you will go far unscathed. 


Yet if you believe your life is a mess, it will become hell and worse.


If you believe GOD beats in your heart and you are INDESTRUCTIBLE, then winds of negativity can howl at you, and arrows of pain can pierce you, but you will walk merrily, laughingly leaping forward over every challenge. 


But if you believe your "luck" is chastised by some other-worldly devil and your steps are cursed by snakes hissing at your feet, then a cliff edge awaits you and gaping holes of terror will swallow your internal desperation.


Your mind is the playground of dreams or the cesspit of eternal poison. 


When you think of yourself, think of what you BELIEVE to be REAL to you, far beyond what is apparent. 


IMAGINE, CREATE, DREAM, VISUALIZE and believe in yourself anew and death will run, poverty will shrink up and die, and illnesses will vanish by the majestic magic of your mind.


Cease to be a victim of circumstances, that is not the Chi Kri way, and start to become a VICTORIOUS warrior whose sword is the insurmountable self-confidence born of knowing that all good things that you BELIEVE to be the Truth...WILL COME TO PASS!