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I think you'll agree the world is an odd little ball of clay right now...
First we have the man in Norway claiming to be anti-multiculturalism, pro-white, anti-Islamic, who decides the best way to demonstrate his love for non-Islamic, white people from his own country is to KILL THEM! 
This apparently gives him a platform to spread his message of white right-wing supremacy. If it was an attack on the Norwegian government's liberal views then protest, join politics, or make a song! Or if you have to use violence, use it against adults who have made the policies you disagree with! But kids?? What did these kids have to do with it?
And then we have poor Winehouse. A puppet. Talented lady no doubt [[firstname]], but surrounded by people who were out to suck every last ounce of life out of her, and say "thank you very much, now go kill yourself!" 
The biggest crooks were her record label, agent, promoters, ticket agents, drug dealers, alcohol suppliers and tour merchandisers. Did you see her on stage weeks before she died? She looked and sounded like she needed to be packed off to India with a pair of sandals and a food allowance and told to "Go find Amy!". Lost is not the word. 
But no, they sold tickets and all got paid whilst the puppet fell from the stage and died in a pool of her own whinings. (click for last gig)
She needed to go to rehab, spiritual rehab. You may have avoided it on Earth Amy, but I hope to God you get it in the after-life!
What does yoga think about all this?
Anders the Norwegian should be practising "Ahimsa" - Non Violence. He should also be avoiding things like national and personal pride. This creates prejudice and superiority which is either based on fear of the unknown,or a lack awareness of the One nature in all. He needed to take his thoughts and evaluate them through thoroughly to see if a nation as he would have wanted it, could have actually worked on the International stage. Yoga teaches calm introspection around meditation, so you can hear the voice of wisdom. Without stillness you will only ever hear the ego,
Now Anders, he can follow the path of repentance and slowly paying back his bad karma through service, meditation, prayer, study of scripture and admissions of wrong-doing before his nation and God. Chance are he'll do none of these things and instead go to prison for a very short term under Norwegian law, then get a job selling toasters on the black-market, "Hey, you want a toaster? It's real good. Cooks both sides evenly. I have connections. Here's my card, my names's er.. Andrew Breville...yea, like the Breville great grandad made the first ever toast."
Amy, Amy, Amy? Well, she should have been given a chance to express herself better, she was clearly confused and angry at life. We all have quesions about life, sometimes it doesn't look like it makes sense. Heartache, pain, misery, it all seems SO real when you're caught up in the middle of it. But someone who must have been so well connected, and financially well off, should have been advised to find yoga and meditation and the teachings of masters like Yogananda sooner - and then to GO seek a meditation course and a vedic philosophy teacher.
Someone should have said "Amy, there ARE answers, now get away from here for a year, break your contracts, stop all relationships, and find Truth. But no, this world is designed to rip these souls to bits and throw away the bones. But rest assured, there's another Amy out there... and another victim of their own success.
Yoga says the only success is finding Liberation from Earth. There is no joy here that you can rely on let alone attach yourself so dramatically too. That is why fame, alcohol, drugs and even human love are all dangerously conditional and must be handled with care.
On this note, battle on.... and remember something I always teach...
You’re only as strong as your toughest environment...
Rest in peace to all who are dying in East African droughts, send your prayers for rain....and thank God for yours. Donate here.
Bye for now,
Mr Patel @ )