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Reincarnation: As strange as it seems, In-between lives in the Astral World, some souls decide to come back to Earth in their next life seemingly disadvantaged in order to help themselves progress spiritually. For example a man who is possessed with the desire of chasing physical beauty to the point of obsession may decide to be born blind - so the samskaras (grooves of thought) and fixation with beauty fades from the ego and karma in that lifetime through a lack of repetition and fulfilment gained through the satiation of visual desires. Or a woman, who keeps creating negative karma through her misuse of money, may request to come to a perpetually poorer environment where she is forced to live within the strictest means and has no chance to abuse wealth - and instead learns the value of simple things like friends and nature.
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Houston, Whitney. Gone but not forgotten. What does yoga think?
Whitney Houston, great singer, amazing voice... lit up a generation of artists and listeners.... bless her soul. How does yoga view this whole thing? Well, the easy option is to blame her state of mind. But how does one get to a place where they need so many prescription drugs to function? Why does one start taking cocaine, heroin or crack to the level she did? Why did she fall for a man who was patently no good for her!? How could someone SO gifted fall so dramatically from grace? The soul is always trying to LEARN and LOVE. After being recognized as the greatest female voice in decades, where does a soul go from there if its mission is to learn new things and love unconditionally? The ego and the world traps the soul in a set of conditions in this case - Whitney was a "great diva", "legendary singer" etc etc. Even if she wanted to be something else, she couldn't unless her soul was very powerful it would not be able to leverage and manuevre that now legendary position into a NEW place of learning.
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