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In keeping with yoga’s reluctance to judge, there are no specific orders with yoga and diet. That is to say, you can happily practise yoga whatever your dietary habits are. There are however general recommendations that you will find in most yoga books regarding diet.

Yoga recommends a pure vegetarian diet which combines the Ayurvedic idea of pure or Sattwic foods. This kind of diet would consist of vegetables, fruit, dairy products, nuts, seeds, grains and pulses. These foods are considered balanced and full of natural life energy, or Chi / Prana. Yoga would also recommend the lowered consumption of foods which could irritate the nervous system like garlic, chilli, and mustard. These foods would serve to over-stimulate the nerves stripping one of peace and tranquillity - especially during the practise of meditation. Yoga would also prefer that the food be fresh, and not over-refined or tampered with….I could go for ages about this, but suffice to say a clean, balanced, and healthy diet – eating in moderate proportions according to energy usage during a day is advisable.

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