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My lifestyle incorporates yoga asanas (postures) practised mainly when I am teaching and demonstrating or in the gym by myself; but my main practise out of the classical yoga system is daily meditation.

For me, the morning meditation is the most important part of my day. It clears my mind, puts me in front of the Spirit and gives me time to asses my progress in the eyes of God. In the meditation, I give my breath, nervous system, and mind a complete break for varying periods so that I emerge ready for the day ahead.

Yoga incorporates many things. From the traditional eight limbs of yoga (organised by the great sage Patanjali) there are the “Yamas” and “Niyamas”. Theses are personal and public codes of conduct. Some of which I observe well, others of which I am striving to perfect myself in. Yoga is my medium, but it is not me. It is important to remain detached from all things in life without losing any love for them, and yoga is no different.

Yoga is about understanding life and merging gradually your consciousness with the soul and then with the Spirit….I am constantly striving for better unification with these things, so in truth I am just a student with all the others.