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Many of you will find that at some point in your life your mind starts saying, “There must be more to life than this?”, or “where did I come from?” Perhaps you will question the existence of a God. Or you will just hit such a difficult time that no intoxicant, person, or thought can console you, and that is when human beings crave for “something else.”

For thousands of years that “something else” has been religion. But over the last millennium as the world has opened up, people have become more aware of their spiritual and racial differences; and as such, there are many more people disagreeing with each other's religions and cultures. They see their own religion and race as  being better or superior to another’s. Worse still is the thought that those that who are not following a specific religion or other are in some way doomed!

Whilst attempting to protect their religious heritage many religions become stubborn and dogmatic in the following of their paths. By doing so, they do not adapt - leaving the younger generations, and more broad-minded citizens, behind.

Seeing the countless religious wars and egocentric failures by religions to adapt to modern life, leaves many people (especially the young) disillusioned with what is probably the religious path they have been brought up with. Hence, they are bereft of a spiritual practice they respect and one that they feel respects them in return.

Now, if one of the most basic needs of human beings is to seek answers to the BIG questions; where do they go? If what they see in their religion (or all religion) is conflict, pride, dogma, suppression and often hypocrisy, where do they turn for spiritual nutrition?

Yoga is not a religion, nor is it a cult or a fad. It has been in existence for as long as the oldest religions and if truth be told, is probably the basis of many religions (if understood correctly), but it has never subscribed or given itself to any one faith or race. It was designed for all human beings. The name “yoga” itself, meaning union, tells you of its desire to bond not separate.

Thus, yoga has grown in direct proportion to the increasing dissatisfaction of two or three generations of free-thinking peoples around the world in recent times. Yoga gives people a direct spiritual connectedness with themselves. A Muslim is still a Muslim, and a Christian is still a Christian after practicing yoga. In fact, you could say that the practice of yoga can only add to the focus, depth, and faith in their own path. But in a yoga class, the black, white, and Buddhist, are all just human beings seeking a better understanding of themselves on every level.

Yoga will never wane in popularity. It is not here to take the place of organized religions; it is simply here to support people from all faiths in their own unique path to Spirit.