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Classes with me have changed over the years...

After teaching now for twenty five years, I tend to have it all "in my head"; so classes are instinctive, impromptu, and inspirational. Whatever God sends into my mind and body before I start actually teaching is WHAT I will teach!

This will be asanas (postures), stretches, warming up techniques, abdominal core work, power poses, a little influence from Qi Gong maybe and depending on the music I may use, a lot of synchronised choreographed movements. The Hip Hop Yoga side of Chi Kri is based on a style I created years ago combining my love for choreography and music with yoga.

I obviously am a very passionate person, so things that I believe in deeply like strength of mind, meditation, Spirit, soul, and love will also come out during the class according to the mood I am in and how I am guided to take the students. But there is always a deep drive in the class for improvement and concentration.

We normally go towards the meditation, readings, pranayama and relaxation at end part of the class. Then moments are taken where I will give you as a student a message to focus on; you will then be left alone with your thoughts to gather the specific meaning it has in your life. I treat a class like a workshop in many ways, I like to work WITH my students and I love to see them growing week by week.....

Often you will find the extensive poetry and prose I have written and rapped over the years will come out in classes. To see examples of this, click
"Creativity" at the bottom of the website.