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Yoga is an extremely practical way of life. Yes, it is "spiritual", but the true path of yoga differs from other deeper paths in life in that it is stripped of dogma, elaborate ritual, and oppressive culture - it is a soulful and corporeal practise that fits well with modern living.

The postures can be done absolutely anywhere – in a room, a park, a gym, or on a mountain – no props or equipment is required. Meditation and the remarkable breathing exercises can be done literally wherever there is a space to sit – and for the breathing, some fresh air.

What our society needs is a quick straightforward "fix" for spirituality. Our whole society is constantly leaning towards speedier and smaller machines which do more and more. Look how the once humble mobile phone is now a mini computer! (and just before that you couldn't take a phone anywhere without a wire dangling!) What could be more powerful than channelling the power of the entire soul into your life through the machine of your own mind?

When practised efficiently and with concentration, simple meditation techniques done at lunchtime in a room away from a busy office, for example, can completely wipe a businessperson’s mind of stress, returning them back to their desk with the freshness of good nights sleep. It is said that fifteen minutes of meditation is equivalent to two hours deep sleep! So an hour of unfaltered meditation spread over the course of a day is like sleeping eight hours! How can gems like this be misplaced in any society?