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I would say the main ways they have affected me are in terms of stability and grounding. The physical aspects of yoga are well-known. Unquestionably, I have gained flexibility, tone, stamina, and remained as fit as I would like by doing yoga up until now, but yoga and especially meditation have done more for me than that.

As a teenager and in the early 20’s you tend to think you are industructable, that you know everything, and don’t need any help to get you through life, you think that you can do anything to your mind and body and somehow it will just cope… I was very, very much like that!

But as life throws its obstacles at you, and harder and harder tests come, you either block yourself up, become addicted to intoxicants (smoking, alcohol, drugs, even certain foods and drinks) to cope, or you face things head on.

I tried to cope alone, I tried the external route of smoking and drinking, I tried blocking it all out, but the way my mind is, I needed ANSWERS, resolutions, and permanent changes to be able to move forward with a clear heart and mind. 

Through daily meditation and yoga practise I developed the spiritual backbone to stand up to my trials and find the strength and calmness to work my way through them positively – without leaving any scars or bitter side effects in my consciousness.

So, the hatha yoga and physical part of yoga is like the outside of my vehicle, keeping it functioning well, but the engine of my life is the meditation and inner-spiritual work that meditation opened me up to and developed.

I must also add here that my Guru,
Paramahansa Yogananda played a huge part in my yoga training, without him and all my teachers and gurus, I would never have succeeded on this path!