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Chi Kri Symbol Breakdown


The Chi Kri symbol was designed in 1995 to represent the company’s philosophies. There are six parts to the symbol, each with their own individual trait. The symbol as a whole also represents the Zodiac system and the Chakra energy system.

The Zodiac is represented by the Taurean horns at the top and the tail of the Scorpio at the bottom. Taurus and Scorpio are at opposite ends of the Astrological spectrum.*

The Chakra energy system is represented by the spine of the symbol acting as the human spine along which the 7 chakras are placed. The base of the symbol is a coiled tail which in the yoga system is known as the Kundalini. The top of the Chi Kri symbol with the horns represents the shape of the head, and the tiny 5-pointed star at the top is the actual shape of the spiritual third eye or Anjna Chakra.

Individual aspects of the symbol


The Crucifix

As a Crucifix, this cross symbolises the faith and sacrifice required from a Chi Kri student. Although Chi Kri is not beholden to any religion, we note that the Crucifix was used famously in the life of Christ as he stood by his principles and showed faith in the his spiritual beliefs, despite the opposition he faced.

Faith is the belief in that which is not apparent, tangible or fully manifest; yet it drives a human on with a confidence that has no proof, logic or reason. It is the inner knowing of the external unknown. In terms of Chi Kri, it is having the belief in your inner existence as a soul, with all its properties and characteristics, in spite of the inevitable trials and tribulations of life.

Spiritually speaking, sacrifice and surrender are the willing and joyful acts of relinquishing one’s own ego for the advancement of the soul or the betterment of Humankind. Many Prophets, Masters and Saints have forsaken their own lives to take on the sins or karmas of their followers. The Chi Kri student therefore must not only seek to sacrifice their own egos for spiritual liberation at a comfortable pace, but must also endeavour to humbly engage in service to alleviate the genuine suffering of those around them.

Viewed as a cross shape alone, this aspect of the symbol and the partially closed head of horns at the top represent the gender symbol for the female (also Venus, the planet of love). The male equivalent in the symbol is shown at the tail for Mars, the planet of war.

The Treble Clef of Music

Symbolises rhythm, dance and creativity.

The element of rhythm keeps order and structure to all moving energies. Pattern, sequence, time, space and the co-ordination of these elements is rhythm. Life must have rhythm, and so must yoga practise, music, and speech. Chi Kri follows the rhythm of the soul and places great emphasis on helping others fine various inner rhythms and patterns to build on. Rhythm entails mental sharpness and a keen sense of energy movement; two aspects that keep the being fresh and alert throughout life.

Creativity is the primal force in the manifested universe. When the Spirit decided we would come into being, it was the force of creativity that produced all that we enjoy and inhabit. It keeps working to evolve us and to help us express ourselves. Everything is created, and we are all creative beings. Having the ability to create and express is a gift waiting to be opened by all.

The winding area of the symbol also represents the kundalini in both its locked  and rising forms, depending on where you are in your journey.



The Gate of Protection

The gate of Chi Kri symbolises protection against negativity, and the guarding of the positive. In Chi Kri, one’s own state of peace is viewed as the greatest gift of life. We learn to protect peace under all circumstances. Peace is the gateway to the soul, and indeed, the very skin of the soul itself. The gate also represents the spiritual buffer placed around the soul dampening out all stress, negative influence, and attacks upon it. The notion of a gate may appear negative, but Chi Kri is a practical system that realises that defence is equally important as attack in the game of life.


The Horns of the Taurus

The horns of the bull represent the power of the symbol. Chi Kri does not allow any cowardice, shirking of responsibility, fear, or doubt to creep into its psyche. Instead Chi Kri teaches that one must stand up for one’s wholesome beliefs and not be afraid to attack mental stagnancy within or manifest in the world – for a righteous cause.  But the attack we speak of is energy and words, as we believe consciousness is the primary cause of all things. Physical power is also important, but it must be controlled and used constructively. Physical attacks if necessary are to be made in defence of others only, or if after words and restraint fail, for self-defence.  

The Crescent Moon of Shiva, Lord of Yoga

Shiva is the original orchestrator of the yogic tradition, and is therefore known as the Lord of Yogis. In Hindu folklore, the crescent-shaped moon (the final and 16th phase of the moon) represents the cooling, motherly aspect required by Shiva to quell the negative effect of the poisons of the universe as he drank them to save Mankind. This act symbolises a yogi’s aspiration of eradicating any negative energy and toxicity that surrounds him. Although Shiva appears in Hindu tradition, both Shiva and yoga are universal concepts that are not limited to any one religious group.

The Third Eye or Ajna Chakra

At the pinnacle of the symbol of Chi Kri is a five-pointed pentagonal star. The five points of the star represent the five ideational energies of creation from whence all universal life originates. The star is the body of light that surrounds the soul, and that which the ego-consciousness must pass through for liberation. This symbol reminds us of our ultimate goal in life; union through the third eye with the Creator.  

*The Director at Chi Kri, Neil Patel, was born under the star-sign of Taurus, but was named under the “Rashi” (traditional Hindu star-sign) of Scorpio. In this system each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a star sign, and thus the letter initiates a deeper relationship with the sign and its planetary influence.