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Entering the soul

With the body more healthful, the mind calm, the breath “controlled”, and the senses tuned inwards, the chi (energy) which is normally busy running operations of the mind, breath, senses, etc can retire back to its source – the soul. The purpose of meditation is to concentrate on the soul and go back to the source.

In meditation, one experiences their true nature – bliss, peace, strength, wisdom, and love. From there, if one is inclined they can begin the search for the source of their soul – the Spirit. From the soul or the Spirit, guidance, love, and any other portion of consciousness can be garnered in boundless amounts.

Meditation is the key to happiness, and the most supreme act any human being can individually undertake. It relaxes every system in the body and recharges it directly from the fountain of all life.

Meditation must be practiced in stillness and silence for it requires the deepest concentration possible. Techniques of meditation vary, some are more advanced than others, and some are completely secret (only accessible to certain people as they ascend the spiritual order). In this limb of chi kri, basic to fairly advanced techniques are given to students who wish to practice this spiritual art. It must be remember however that mediation is a most practical tool as well.

Fifteen minutes of daily deep meditation is said to be equivalent to two hours of deep, dreamless sleep, so in this day and age, how useful can that be?!

Thus, by incorporating these limbs or areas of work into your life, you will find some improvement in your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.