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Controlling your breath / life force (chi / prana)

There is an energy which comes straight from your soul and channels itself into your being (see above question “what is chi?”) the control of which leads to retraction of consciousness towards the ever-peaceful soul.

Much of that energy is linked to the breath. This is one purpose of breath control, to slow down the mind, and help reserve energy and withdraw it back to its source temporarily. The other aspect of breath control is cleansing, controlling, and affecting the body in a positive manner.

Its is stated by yogic masters that the practice of pranayama breathing techniques are so beneficial, that even without doing much physical exercise the breath work alone can keep one extremely healthy. These techniques can change the body’s temperature, increase the body’s digestive ability, obviously improve circulatory and respiratory systems and do other far- ranging functions like remove asthma, lower blood pressure, and cure other minor ailments.